[NAFEX] using black currants

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 17:18:56 EDT 2010

You can use black currants in any way you'd use cranberries, as in scones
and meat sauces.  They are wonderful put through a blender with fresh apple
juice and strained to create currant ambrosia.  They can be added to any pie
recipe or other fruit based deserts as an addition to the base fruit- just
be conservative and expect to have to add more sugar.  The flavor is
wonderful, but the tartness needs considerable sweetening for most pallets.

Black currant sauce can be made by barely cooking them and mashing them up
while adding sugar.  The sauce can be used in infinite ways, especially in
constructing various deserts, whether pastries or  other baked deserts or
just around ice cream.  The berries can be thrown in the freezer and saved
for later use with no loss of culinary quality.  A creative cook can achieve
star quality by the imaginative use of black currants.
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