[NAFEX] Unusual June drop behavior

sherwin dubren sherwindu at comcast.net
Tue Jun 8 18:27:37 EDT 2010

Our plum tree is 2/3 Stanley Plum and 1/3 N.Y. 1502, an
Asian plum.  We have had our June drop and strangely, the
Stanley has dropped much more fruit, especially considering
that the fruit set was about the same density for both
varieties.  Perhaps this is a genetic thing, but it is
interesting all the same.  The Asian plum is on younger
wood having been grafted on about 6 years ago onto this
Stanley from 1989.  The Asian plum has grown very vigorously
in comparison with the Stanley that has very little growth
in recent years.  This is a dwarf tree and I never found
out what rootstock it is on.

                  Sherwin Dubren
                  Morton Grove, IL

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