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I had a company come out and look at carpenter bees. The woman was very nice, quoted me a price and said, if you just keep the wood stained on a regular basis they will look elsewhere. Restained the deck--haven't seen one in years.  Barbara

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Carpenter bees are attacking our wood deck. Anyone have experience getting rid of them?

My wife called a local pest control company. For $255, they'll come out and treat the holes that are currently being drilled. That's supposed to kill the specific bees drilling them, as the bees supposedly return to the same whole. It won't prevent other bees from drilling new holes elsewhere in the deck. They don't offer any service for that, except a $480 per year maintenance contract that would cover treating any attacks we find.

My wife looked on-line and wonders if we should do it ourself. She's doesn't know how dangerous the chemicals are. They can be purchased and applied by individuals, but all the descriptions say to wear protective clothing, not just old clothes. She also found instructions about spraying the wood to prevent future attacks, so it's odd that the professionals don't offer that if it works. Those chemicals also require protective clothing.

Anyone try this and live to tell about it? Did the carpenter bees live to tell their friends about it? Thanks
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