[NAFEX] Green rosette?

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Fri Jun 4 10:31:27 EDT 2010

This hasn't been a big problem, but I sometimes notice on my fruit trees 
(apricots, plums, and pluots, for sure) where the growing tip at the end 
of a branch will turn into something that looks rather like a green 
flower, with the leaves all bunched together in a rosette. What is that?

I'm guessing that it's probably the result of an insect of some kind, 
perhaps irritating the growing twig to make a safe home for itself? I 
suppose it could be a disease, but it doesn't seem to spread. And it 
doesn't look like pesticide damage.

Anyone know? I'm just curious.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)


Science is not about control. It is about cultivating a perpetual 
condition of wonder in the face of something that forever grows one step 
richer and subtler than our latest theory about it. It is about 
reverence, not mastery. - Richard Powers

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