[NAFEX] OT: alternative herbicides

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There's a very effective herbicide made very close to where you live.  I've used their EcoBlend Weed and Grass Killer & it works very well when mixed with 4 parts water.  It works especially well on hot sunny days.  Interestingly, I also tried it in a 1:20 dilution and it showed some selectivity, effectively killing crabgrass while not phasing fescue.  The less dilute mix killed all green tissue.

I also purposely sprayed it onto tree trunks (3 year pear and peach trees).  No damage to the trunks was observed.  I wouldn't try it on very young trees with any green showing, though.


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>I have unwanted plants growing in an environmentally sensitive area and
>do not wish to use conventional herbicides. I tried spaying white
>vinegar this past weekend, and found the plantain and dock withered
>beautifully, but the fescue gave a slightly annoyed sigh.
>Any recommendations for a relatively nontoxic herbicide effective for
>perennial grasses?
>Betsy Hilborn
>7a NC
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