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Which of the three varieties do you have wood from?

I am new to this area and I had to check with our local nurseryman to learn what is the best time of year to bud/graft  around here. He said within  the next month but he has never budded/grafted any plum trees.

The only plums I have propagated have been from cuttings not budding. The only plums I have now are some unidentified trees I grew from cuttings from my last trip to California. I do not know what they are as they have not born fruit yet.so I don't know if they would be graft compatible. Would your scion wood be big enough to root?

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Richard Wagner
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    I recently tried to order some Kuban Comet, Kuban Delight, and Kuban Burgundy plums from Raintree nursery. They informed me that they no longer supply them.

  I'm sorry to hear that. I can supply scion wood.

  Jerry Lehman
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