[NAFEX] Anyone know where to get Osage Orange seedlings?

Richard Harrison rharrison922 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 06:04:34 EST 2010

What do the seeds look like? I obtained a fruit a few years ago in a fencerow beside the highway near Montgomery, AL. It was mature but, but uncured. I couldn't locate an individual seed inside it and when it dried, I couldn't find seeds, either!
                                                              Richard Harrison, NW FL

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I’d suspect you might find ‘em cheaper from a state forestry nursery or a big outfit like Lawyers, but I know Musser Forest has ‘em.
Easy to grow from seed if you can find some bletted fruits – or take Jerry up on his offer.

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I see that Lawyer Nursery has seeds but I'm not pulling up any source
for seedlings.

I can send you fruits laying on the ground and you could extract the seeds yourself. I should be able to find fruits that were somewhat protected from the near zero temps we had. The birds and squirrels have been extracting seeds. 

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