[NAFEX] FW: Blue (Virginiana persimmon) or Mood Indigo

nuttrees nuttrees at prtcnet.org
Mon Jan 18 22:59:42 EST 2010

       Looking for information on blue persimmons.     Just doing some
reading and have found data to back it up on the internet but can not find
it listed anywhere has any one got or have heard of this Blue (Virginiana
persimmon) or Mood Indigo persimmon does anyone have scion wood to trade or
to sell.     



Thank you

Kumme England

316 KY HWY 2004

McKee, KY  40447

Good evening Cliff,

I did have Mood Indigo, it does exist. It did fruit and I was not impressed
and I don't remember for sure where I got it from, but I believe it was from
a southern grower. As I recall I suspected it was a 60 chromosome.  Sorry I
can't be of more help, if I recall my source I'll let you know. In sitting
here thinking about it, there was a NAFEX member from North Carolina, it
wasn't AJ Bullard. The same individual also found and released 2 persimmons
from his area that he was high on and they likewise didn't perform well
here. I believe he named one after a restaurant in front of which the one
variety was growing. I'll admit I did not have been grafted in a good
location. His article on the 2 persimmons would've been in Pomona maybe 15
years ago. 

If I remember this in the morning maybe my memory will be working better and
I'll recall his name.  I cannot picture him in my mind and I haven't seen
him at a NAFEX meeting in many years and he may have passed away.  He was an
older gentleman.

Why don't you put out a request on the NAFEX chat  Benny might know or it
could be found.


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