[NAFEX] cornus mas,are they really as good as people say

Hector Black hblack1925 at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 16 17:41:02 EST 2010

Hello Mark, and Ginda,
     We've worked with named varieties and seedlings and find the named ones 
to be larger fruited primarily and more productive.
     The best way we have found to use them is in a syrup over vanilla ice 
cream.  Extraordinary!  I believe this was recommended by someone on this 
list some months ago.
     Being in the dogwood family, they don't have a strong central leader - 
my oldest trees, maybe 16 years, are still not tall.  Maybe 10 ft. We have 
picked when red and brought them into a cool place to let them fully ripen 
to dark red.  We boil, mash and strain off the juice for jelly or syrup.  A 
lot of work but I think it's work it.  Probably also healthful with antho 
cyanins.    Hector Black, xone 6 lmiddle TN

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>   First let me say that the only cornus mas I am familiar with is the one 
> they use in many old gardens around Cincinnati. They all seem the same. I 
> have heard people rave about the fruit. To me its just this sour red 
> fruit. I have even picked them off the ground having a dark red bing 
> cherry color. They are still sour. Are the cultivars better tasting. Is 
> cooking when they come into there own. Do they transform into a whole 
> different beast when cooked like serviceberry. I am just trying to love 
> them.
>    Are there varieties that have brighter yellow flowers?
> Mark
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