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Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
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There are differences in taste.  Have you been to the Cincinnati Zoo in
mid-to-late March to see them in flower?  Not wow in my opinion, sort of
like a subdued forsythia, but not bad, either.

There are quite a few mature trees up at the Secrest Arboretum in Wooster if
you care to take the drive.  If I remember right they mature there the first
part of September.  Some were good fresh when dead ripe, a little bit like a
ripe pie cherry; others remained sour.  I didn't have the chance to cook
with them at the time.  But I do remember that birds didn't seem too excited
about the fruits; when they dropped on the ground, there didn't seem to be
too many critters feasting on them, either.  (Maybe the coons were having
too much fun with all the nearby corn).  
Michele in SW Ohio

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   First let me say that the only cornus mas I am familiar with is the one
they use in many old gardens around Cincinnati. They all seem the same. I
have heard people rave about the fruit. To me its just this sour red fruit.
I have even picked them off the ground having a dark red bing cherry color.
They are still sour. Are the cultivars better tasting. Is cooking when they
come into there own. Do they transform into a whole different beast when
cooked like serviceberry. I am just trying to love them.
    Are there varieties that have brighter yellow flowers?

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