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My wife grows her's in a pot and brings it inside in the winter. As long as we place it in front of a south facing window for some light It will survive in our unheated but insulated garage which does not quite freeze with outside temperatures down to 0 F. It doesn't grow but it doesn't die.
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        The site said -15  degree C.  I converted that to -5 F.   I believe that is correct .  In any case I know that everything I read is not necessarily correct. I do plan on growing it as an annual.
        Larry D. Cook

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        I suspect they confused Celsius and Fahrenheit. 0 C is 32 F. Since that description of Moringa on Wiki says it does not tolerate freezing or heavy frost it is unlike that even a hybrid would make that much difference.
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                One web site said hardy to  -5f another said 0deg Fahrenheit.The roots should be more hardy.  Even so, this company recommends replanting every year.
                Larry D.



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