[NAFEX] OT- Wild duck- No good deed goes unpunished

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I like the flavor so much that a simple braise or basted roast - with
stuffing - suits me fine.  Many people hunt an cook duck, and there's no
shortage of recipes online.  This one has  a good selection with varying
levels of complexity:


~ Stephen

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We told an acquaintance that he could hunt in out corn field.  He promised
my husband to bring dressed wild duck over.  Now I have prepared our back
years grass fed goose and a couple of commercial ducks but I really do not
have a good notion of what to do with this.  I have read that overcooked
wild duck can taste like liver.  I think liver is okay and make it from time
to time.. but out of beefalo liver.. not a duck.

So what can I do with these ducks?  Combinations using garlic, wine fruit
are all possible.  Looking for easy, tasty and not impossibly tough.


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