[NAFEX] Request for info on low-chill Cherries

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Dear Group,

     Typically, I have found that Zaiger claims on chill are virtually always incorrect and listed as lower than they actually are when we have tested these plants (plumcots, cherries, etc.) in the Houston area.  I think these cherries are listed at about 400 hours and I would suspect they are actually higher.  I have these two which were supplied on Mazzard and Colt rootstock, and they get bacterial canker here and die after a season or two with no blooms.  I have one on Citation in a large pot and it is struggling and one still living on Mazzard which looks reasonably good. We are having a low-chill winter here and perhaps they will flower.  They likely will fare better on Citation with a cherry - plum interstem or the Zee interstem, but we have had poor luck with Citation in Houston soils and do not recommend it.  The ideal rootsystem may be the Adara rootstock, which is a Myrobalan tested successfully for many years in Spain.  No one admits to having it for sale in the United States although an article in The Good Fruit Grower described it as effective about a year ago.  The author was vague about where he obtained it when I spoke with him on the phone.  Andy Mariani denies anyone in California has it planted, although some interstem plants like the Zee stem are in trial.  Richard Ashton indicates he is working with some of these cherries with a different cherry plum interstem, but his chill in Brownwood, Texas is probably 1200 hours or more, so that is not an issue.  If anyone out there finds a source for Adara, I would love to know about it.

                                                                                                  Regards, Ethan

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I received an email from a NAFEX list member, who, for whatever reason, is unable to post to the list.
If you can shed some light, or provide info, I'm sure it will be appreciated:

"I am looking for information on super low chill cherries.
My friend who needs this information lives in Florida.
According to her, these cherries are supposed to need less than 200 chill hours in order to produce a crop.
The two names she knows are:
"Minnie Royal and Royal Lee; on Citation Rootstock with Zee Interstem".

Sure somebody in NAFEX knows about these trees.
BTW: Any other low chill fruit info would be appreciated.

Anita Clyburn
Terre Haute, Indiana

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