[NAFEX] Request for info on low-chill Cherries

Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Jan 14 11:39:56 EST 2010


I received an email from a NAFEX list member, who, for whatever reason, is
unable to post to the list.

If you can shed some light, or provide info, I'm sure it will be


"I am looking for information on super low chill cherries.

My friend who needs this information lives in Florida.

According to her, these cherries are supposed to need less than 200 chill
hours in order to produce a crop.

The two names she knows are:

"Minnie Royal and Royal Lee; on Citation Rootstock with Zee Interstem".


Sure somebody in NAFEX knows about these trees.

BTW: Any other low chill fruit info would be appreciated.



Anita Clyburn 

Terre Haute, Indiana





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