[NAFEX] old McIntosh

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Thu Jan 14 09:26:04 EST 2010

A 18:34 10.01.13 -0500, vous avez écrit :
>The Grist Mill in Keremeos, B.C., is a 'heritage site'.
>They want me to reproduce some of the apple varieties which would have 
>been grown in that area (hot, dry) in the late 1800s, early 1900s.
>Which strain of McIntosh would be the one most likely to be grown at 
>that time in that area?
>The following is the list of McIntoshes at the Canadian Clonal Genebank 
>in Harrow, Ontario (I don't want a spur-strain):
>1st gen, Alix, Blackmark, Bright, Caldwell, Gallant, Hamilton Smith, 
>Imperial, Kempf, Marshall, Redmax, Rougemont, Smithfield, St Hilaire, 
>Sweet, and Witzke.

As far as I know, the McIntosh called 1st Generation was taken directly
from the original McIntosh tree and should be identical. Most of the others
are selected sports that have some "improved" feature.


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