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Fri Jan 8 21:26:20 EST 2010

I probably just need someone to talk me out of this,
but y'all got me thinking about persimmons again. Is
it possible to grow them in zone 5a, upstate NY? I
know the American species is hardy to this zone, but
do the fruit have enough heat and time to mature
here? How about this Rosseyanka hybrid?

I saw a kaki tree in Switzerland in December that
looked ridiculous, it had so many gaudy orange fruit
on it. It made me think that a persimmon might be
worth planting just as an ornamental.  

Dear Melissa,

Rosseyanka is a long season fruit.  Here in zone 5b, mine will remain on 
the trees well into December and birds love them.  I cut them off the tree 
about December first and put them in a box with apples to ripen them in.  They 
ripen up very sweet.  Lee Brumley this year cut his off the tree, peeled 
them with an apple peeler and dehydrated.  He was very impressed with the 
flavor and is going to write an article for Pomona and the Indiana Nut Growers 
publication. They were firm and still astringent when peeled and the 
astringency was going after after dehydration. He was very impressed with the flavor. 

Rosseyanka would make an excellent decorative tree.  When the leaves drop 
and those around orange balls hang on, it is very showy.  I'm planning on 
grafting a few along the county road by my property. That will get attention.

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