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> Nikita's Gift, aka Rosseyanka, is a nice one.  Growth rate here has been 
> comparable to most D.v. grafts.  Fruits are larger than most any D.v.; ripen 
> late and hang well on the tree, necessitating hand-removal once winter 
> freezes arrive.

Dear Group,

I'd like to correct an error in the above statement.  Do not feel bad 
Lucky, I've made the same error, Nikita's  Gift is Nikitskaya Bordovaya. 
Rosseyanka is Russian beauty. Both Nikita's Gift and Russian Beauty are trademarks 
of One Green World Nursery in Oregon. 

Nikitskaya Bordovaya is not much more winter hardy than kaki while 
Rosseyanka has withstood 30 below zero here and zone 5b. 

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