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I haven't had much problems with the birds and these.  The leaves appear to hide the fruit fairly well, perhaps the birds just haven't figured it out yet.  One thing that may help is that all my small fruits, except honeyberries, are under birdnet or screens.  This may have some training effect on them that the tempting fruits cannot be reached in my yard.  I've had robins demonstrate their frustration.  Also, there is a large, small fruited, white fruited mulberry tree about 2o yards away.  They fruit over a fairly long period of time and do appear to distract some of the birds.

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I don't think late frosts really are any problem 
with the honeyberries, last year we had one of the latest and coldest springs, 
they seem to tolerate the cold quite well.  But I agree on the lack of 
pollinators  that early in the spring.  The other major problem are 
the birds getting the fruit before you.  They are early and you should be 
checking them often because their fruiting process is quite short, and a remay 
cover is probly a good idea.The birds and possibly squirrels will clean them 
right off.  I llove the fruit  in pies,muffins,jam,oatmeal 
porridge after the fruit is cooked it is very tasty. Raw, the ones I have 
collected fruit from have a tart side,and I do sorta have a sweet 
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