[NAFEX] peach and plum cross

EVelyn Mellott e.mellott at xplornet.ca
Wed Feb 24 21:33:27 EST 2010

That piece on the peach plum cross is interesting as I have a tree growing from a bag of 200 bailey peach seeds that I got a few years ago and One is not like all the rest though it came up in the tray with all the peach seeds.I kinda wondered from the time I first noticed it if it was a wierd cross as I know the seeds were all peach. I use a purchased Soil free mix for seed bed, and I still have not germinated another fruit seed that is truly similar. I must admit the tree is of a runty type but seems to have some hardiness though I have not yet left it out in our -40 winters,just to maybe -15C then to the cold room, going to try to graft it onto our wild plum.
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