[NAFEX] ultrasonic fogger

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Wed Feb 24 17:51:33 EST 2010

Mark,    I bought the cloner on E-Bay for $74.99.  Look on E-Bay
under the category  CLONER.  The one I bought is on the first page
and is called AEROPONIC BUCKET the one with with 12 holes.  Sold by
HYDRO-WEST. Picture is there.  Let me know if you want more pictures
and I will take a few pictures of the cloner and send them to you. I
want it to clone cherry plants. 

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>Ernest,<br>Please give a more detailed description of the aquarium
>pump + bucket set-up for cuttings and how it works. Where did you
>purchase this cloner?<br>-Mark<br><br><br>Feb 23, 2010 09:31:44 PM,
>nafex at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:<br><blockquote style="border-left: 3px
>solid rgb(102, 153, 204);">I sent for an ultrasonic fogger but have
>not received it yet.  It is<br>covered with teflon to help prevent
>minerals from sticking to the<br>transducer.  Minerals will
>precipitate from the water onto the<br>crystal when ultrasonic
>vibrations are sent into water.  I have a<br>cloner which uses water
>spray on the stems to help form roots.  I<br>used it with mixed
>success for two years with rose cuttings.  Success<br>is good the
>first few times I used it.  Then success went to zero<br>when mold
>struck.  I tried 1 teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per<br>liter of
>deionized water and success went back up.  Looks like
>mold<br>presence builds up after use.  I change the water every few
>days and<br>carefully wash the equipment with hydrogen peroxide
>solution one a<br>week.  I have another cloner I recently bought
>which is better made<br>and has finer water sprays than the first.  A
>3.5 gallon black bucket<br>with a cover with holes using a
>submersible aquarium pump with a<br>manifold which has four spray
>heads.  Cuttings are held by foam plugs<br>in the lid holes.<br><br><

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