[NAFEX] pre emergent herbicide for orchard

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
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As I recall you have a large enough planting you may want to look into
recommendations from the various commercial spray guides.  They are almost
all available on line, or for 5 or 6 bucks from the local extension.  In
there, not only will you find various choices available but the universities
have also tested the products for efficacy.

>From the trades I read, a lot of commercial blueberry farms use glyphosate
under the blueberries with a shielded sprayer.  Blueberries are fairly
tolerant of glyphosate, but if too much is sprayed on them, yields and vigor

Here is the Midwest Commercial Small Fruit Spray Guide (1.4MB):
http://www.ag.purdue.edu/hla/Hort/Pages/sfg_sprayguide.aspx  It should have
what you're looking for.


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Hi Guys;

I need some reccommendations for a good pre-emergent herbicide for
Blueberries and Saskatoons. The weeding of 2000 row feet is a killer. Small
plants. Glyphosate too dangerous.

I got ragweed, carpet grass, lambs quarter, crab gras, chickweed, smartweed,
U name it weed...

Thanks as usual.

Here we go again.....


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