[NAFEX] Great tasting Blue Honeysuckle

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The Southern Honeysuckle (I grew up in Kentucky) has White, ivory, to cream,
depending on age.. tubular flowers that smell sweet and strong.  As kids we
would eat anything but I cannot recall that we ever ate the berries or even
if there were noticeable berries on the honeysuckle.  It looked like this

What we did do was pick the flowers and either just nip the back end off and
suck the nectar or carefully pull the pistil out the back and get the drop.
The older blossoms were sweeter.

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Quoting from wikipedia: "There are about 180 species of honeysuckle...in
most species the berries are mildly poisonous, but a few (notably Lonicera
caerulea) have edible berries."

So, DON'T eat the berries of just any honeysuckle. The species we've been
discussing is native to regions just slightly south of the north pole, so I
doubt it would grow in Florida. Sorry. I bet there's lots of other great
stuff you can grow there, though. Have you been to the Fruit and Spice Park?
They have oodles of unusual things that are probably better adapted to your


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> Jim,
>    I live in NW FL and am puzzled as to what
> blue honeysuckle is. Here we have a flowering vine called
> honeysuckle which has very fragrant yellow and white
> flowers. It spreads by layering itself---profusely. What is
> your honeysuckle like?
>    Many thanks for sharing the recipe!
> Regards,
>                                                                 Richard

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