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I've tried growing some Russian selections here in zone 6, middle tn.  They bloom very early and although flowers were resistant to light frost, we got very little fruit.  We tasted larger quantities in Russia near St. Petersburg in jam etc.  Very tasty, but not unlike blueberry which seems a lot easier to grow and more productive in our climate.  Hector black
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  I've tasted some selections at Dr. Maxine Thompson's place that are low acid and taste good fresh. Dr. Bors is working with her, using her material in his program, so he probably has similar material in progress. For now, the best use is in processing. You can't imagine how good a warm Haskap pie is.
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  On Feb 20, 2010, at 9:05 AM, Lee Reich wrote:

  Has anybody grown and tasted these fruits. Years ago I grew some edible honeysuckles and the fruits were few and bad tasting.


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