[NAFEX] a 'pecan planting' question

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They're probably OK, but you won't know for sure
until later this spring - or possibly a year or two
down the road.

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 To any knowledgable Nafexer,

I planted a bunch of pecan seedlings, started last
year in 3-gallon pots, today in the ground. Noticed
that the pots were icey blocks and wondered if such
the pecans' roots might be damaged by freezing. The
parent seed is from a thick-shelled northern type,
planted now in Marshall, NC, zone 6b.

Concerned about my day's plantings...

James Geoffrey Steenc/o Raven Ridge Farm284 Catawba Drive
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Ernest, little plants still need strong protection
and careful packing. 
Believe me, I once worked as a mail handler.

Also, while I don't know about the U.S. post office
there is an almost 
sadistic quality to Canada Post's rate schedule for
small parcels.

Years ago, plant shipments from nurseries got,
informally, extra care 
from Canada Post. That was a hangover from the days
when the interests 
of rural people got special consideration from
politicians. No longer.

Bill MacKentley has been in business for a
 long time and I guess he 
means to stay in business. Fair enough, I say.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Ernest Plutko wrote:
> I started ordering two Carmine Jewel cherries from
St Lawrence
> Nursery until I discovered the $16.50 mailing
charge.  $16.50 for two
> six inch plants?
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