[NAFEX] Best edible plants in Zone 5 rain garden?

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Wed Feb 17 05:58:48 EST 2010

Here in central NC pawpaws grow in flood plains, but on high enough ground that they only are in water once or twice each year.  I have seen them with water one foot up their trunk for a day or two before the water recedes. Persimmons tend to grow on ground that is a little higher, where the area might flood less than once per year.

Jim Nottke

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>Subject: [NAFEX] Best edible plants in Zone 5 rain garden?
>A lady in Grand Rapids, Michigan has written to a permaculture list 
>inquiring about edible plants suited for an area that is subject to 
>flooding in, I gather, thunderstorms, torrential rains etc.
>I've thought of suggesting nannyberry, Aronia (for juice), groundnut and 
>spicebush (I've heard of a gourmet chef using the fruit in a kind of 
>I wonder if pawpaw and just maybe northern pecan might suit. I gather 
>that they are bottomland plants. Can they tolerate occasional short-term 
>flooding when in active growth? Does anyone have any suggestive experience?
>Other suggestions welcome.
>Doug Woodard
>St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
>Joan  wrote:
>> Many residential and organizational property owners in our area are planting
>> rain gardens, mainly with native ornamental plants. Can anyone recommend
>> (native) edible perennials that would do well in a rain garden in Zone 5
>> (hardy to -20 F)? As I understand it, rain gardens sometimes hold water for
>> up to 48 hours in their deepest sections, so I'd also like to know whether
>> recommended edibles can take standing water for two days or whether they
>> should be planted more toward the rain garden edges.
>> Grand Rapids, MI  USDA zone 5

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC

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