[NAFEX] Haskaps

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 16 15:38:05 EST 2010

There's some info in the articles here:

Like this quote:
"Note: we are calling these varieties ‘Haskap’ because our Japanese cooperators considered them to be 
of high enough quality to be used in the Japanese market. Also, these varieties have ancestors from the 
Kuril Islands which were once part of Japan."

I forget which article it was, but I recall reading that the breeders wanted to distance their new varieties from the old varieties of blue honeysuckle, since these new varieties taste so much better. They don't want anyone to associate them with the bad old varieties, so they've gone so far as to call them by a Japanese name. Someone up there really knows how to write a press release.

I'm a sucker for this sort of marketing, so I want these. I just emailed St. Lawrence Nurseries to suggest that they get a license to propagate them, so I can buy them sort of locally.

Even if it's now legal for Canadian nurseries to ship these to the USA, I suspect that it's probably still complicated and expensive. Does anyone know otherwise?


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> Where does the name Haskap come from
> & what was behind the decision to
> not use any of the other names like honeyberry, edible
> lonicera, etc?
> Hopefully these have some flavor & are not insipid
> tasting like the
> ones I'm growing.
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