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Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 15 19:04:08 EST 2010

Hi David,

All the emails have been talking about vegetative reproduction by which I can only assume they mean propagation by suckers.  Each of the U. of S. and Evan's cherries sucker to some extent, some much more than others!  They can be propagated by cuttings, but it is not easy.  The experts I know assure me that it requires rooting hormones, steady and precise bottom heat combined with misting from above.  And after all this: I'm reluctant to chop anything off my cherry trees as they are small bushes.  

I've also not seen bacterial gummosis on anything but my peaches and apricots.

Of all the Canadian cherries there are only a few differences: Evan's cherry grows as a tree with oval shaped pits (can use a pitter, just very carefully!) whereas the others are bushes and have round pits.  Depending on the source (yes, the naming was screwed up right from the minute they were named) Juliette (from DNA gardens) or Valentine (from everyone else) is the tart, light red of the 6 U. of S. cherries while all the rest are very dark coloured. Evan's is also light red.  I don't notice a lot of taste difference between any of the dark U. of S. cherries or the Rose Cherry.  I will say that of all my trees, its a Crimson Passion that consistently gives me an extra 20 or so free trees a year whether I want them or not!

There are quite a few Canadian sources for these cherries:

Dominion Seed House: www.dominion-seed-house.com
has 2 1/2 inch pots of Juliette and Romeo available for $27.00/1, $72.90/3 or $48.00/pair or $89.10/3 pairs.

T&T Seeds: www.ttseeds.com
has Carmine Jewel for $12.05/12" tree, 2 or more for $11.95 each and orchard packs of 10 for $105.00.  They also have Crimson Passion and Romeo for $14.95/12" tree, 2 or more for $13.95 each and orchard packs of 10 for $125.00.  They also have the Rose Cherry for $15.95/12" tree and 2 or more for $14.95.  I have these and they have a nice size fruit with excellent flavour.

McFayden: www.mcfayden.com
has Cupid cherries for $19.95/1, $18.95/each for 2 and $17.95 each for 3 or more.

Boughen Nurseries at Valley River, MB: www.boughennurseries.net
seems to be the only source that carries all of the cherries (they also have Evan's, but the price got cut off!!) and they have always shipped me very nice huge trees that have great roots so don't be off put by the prices.
They have Carmine Jewel and the Rose Cherry for $22.75 each. They have Crimson Passion and Valentine for $26.95 each.  And they have Cupid, Juliette and Romeo for $25.95 each

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

> With all the recent activity around
> Carmine Jewel, I would like to try growing it here on the 
> East Coast (South Shore of NS).  The U Sask site lists
> several suppliers in the East, none of 
> which actually have any.  I gather that it is pretty
> easy to root from hardwood cuttings;  would 
> you be willing to cut me a few sticks, and send them to
> me?  I shall root them myself.
> I had a couple of cherry trees (North Star and Meteor), but
> they rapidly succumbed to 
> bacterial gummosis, (for which I gather there is no cure
> beyond ripping them out and burning 
> them.)  Whether the same thing would happen to bush
> cherries I have no idea.

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