[NAFEX] Paw Paw Rooting

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In my experience, it seems to be a combination.  The stolons the come off 
the parent plant and form new trees are shallow, and I have dug them and 
transplated without any deep roots.  Takes these a couple of years to get 
established.  I don't know if they then put down tap roots.
  On the other hand seedlings have a strong tap root and all our seedlings 
are grown in those tall pots to accomodate that.
    Hector Black  zone 6 middle tn
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> Paw Paw is shallow rooted??  I'd like to hear more about that!  My Paw
> Paws all put down a taproot to China in pots when I start them, and I
> dread digging one up!
> Help me out here.  I thought Paw Paw was a serious tap rooted main tree,
> not counting its sucker buddies.  Feeder roots are, of course shallow.
> Barb Rosholdt
> z7 Virginia Piedmont
> - Hoping for a fab Paw Paw season
> Jerry wrote:
> Subject:[NAFEX] Opinions on best pawpaw varieties?
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> Jay,
> I agree with all the answers that you have received.  Yes, pawpaws do
> perform differently depending upon the circumstances.
> Davis was selected by Corwin Davis in Michigan who bred and tested
> pawpaws for many years. It obviously performed well for him.  Here, zone
> 5b Central Indiana, when comparing it to most other pawpaws it is very
> large and very late and I'm not impressed with the flavor. My Shenandoah
> is not bearing yet, but have tasted it at the pawpaw conference at the
> University of Kentucky. Sunflower, Prolific and Shenandoah, based on my
> experience, would be three excellent choices, however not necessarily
> the best in your area.
> Pawpaw being shallow rooted will perform better if irrigated in a dry
> climate.
> Jerry
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