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Fri Feb 5 13:31:15 EST 2010

Thanks for your input, Doug. I will probably experiment with some of this 


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> St. Julien A and C are Prunus insititia rootstocks popular in the trade,
> originating in France I understand. St. Julien A has been around for a
> long time, is reputed somewhat dwarfing, compatible with a wide range of
> plums as well as peach and apricot. I gather it is comfortable on heavy
> soils. However there are list members who have personal experience with
> it which I have not.
> Your damsons might be suitable as rootstocks and might not.
> If you have the space and time and find it hard to get regular plum
> rootstocks, sure, experiment.
> Doug Woodard
> St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
> George Brinson wrote:
>> Just wondering............what would the rootstock of Prunus insititia be
>> like for grafting cultivated varieties of European plums on to? Dwarfing
>> effects or incompatibilities? What other "prunus" may be compatible?
>> I have "damson" type plums here that sucker profusely, and bear in 4-5
>> years.
>> George Brinson
>> Carmanville
>> NL,   Canada

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