Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Thu Feb 4 12:45:23 EST 2010

St. Julien A and C are Prunus insititia rootstocks popular in the trade, 
originating in France I understand. St. Julien A has been around for a 
long time, is reputed somewhat dwarfing, compatible with a wide range of 
plums as well as peach and apricot. I gather it is comfortable on heavy 
soils. However there are list members who have personal experience with 
it which I have not.

Your damsons might be suitable as rootstocks and might not.

If you have the space and time and find it hard to get regular plum 
rootstocks, sure, experiment.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

George Brinson wrote:
> Just wondering............what would the rootstock of Prunus insititia be 
> like for grafting cultivated varieties of European plums on to? Dwarfing 
> effects or incompatibilities? What other "prunus" may be compatible?
> I have "damson" type plums here that sucker profusely, and bear in 4-5 
> years.
> George Brinson
> Carmanville
> NL,   Canada

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