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Burnt Ridge Nursery, Inc www.burntridgenursery.com offers some Asian 
persimmons that will take zone 5 temperatures.
Zone 6

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> I'm considering planting an American persimmon tree. I don't have a lot of 
> room, so I probably have room for only one of these big trees. Is it true 
> that 'Yates' sets fruit without pollination, and they're seedless? It 
> sounds too good to be true, so I'm checking with y'all. Are these seedless 
> fruit as numerous, big and tasty as seedy pollinated ones would be?
> Oh, and someone asked about blue persimmons a little while ago. I notice 
> that they're for sale here:
> http://www.nolinnursery.com/Persimon.htm
> although I've heard that they don't taste as good as the orange ones. They 
> do look interesting, though. Here's a picture, plus info:
> http://www.simmonfruit.net/persimmon_improvement.html
> But now a persimmon growing question: The only place in my yard big enough 
> for a big tree like that is just to the west of a huge sugar maple. 
> Anything I plant there would get sun only after noon, unless it somehow 
> grows really tall really fast and shades the maple. Would a persimmon do 
> OK with competition like that?
> Melissa
> zone 5 central NY
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>> I've grown American persimmon
>> cultivars here in Zone 5 in the Hudson Valley for about 20
>> years and almost always harvest nice crops. I recommend
>> Szukis as the best for flavor and hardiness, and just about
>> as good are Mohler, Dooley, and Yates. Meader never tastes
>> that good to me, Pieper never ripened, and Prok just barely
>> ripens but remains somewhat astringent and bland.
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>> On Jan 8, 2010, at 3:15 PM, Melissa Kacalanos
>> wrote:
>> I probably just need someone to talk me out
>> of this, but y'all got me thinking about persimmons
>> again. Is it possible to grow them in zone 5a, upstate NY? I
>> know the American species is hardy to this zone, but do the
>> fruit have enough heat and time to mature here? How about
>> this Rosseyanka hybrid?
>> I saw a kaki tree in Switzerland in December that looked
>> ridiculous, it had so many gaudy orange fruit on it. It made
>> me think that a persimmon might be worth planting just as an
>> ornamental.
>> Melissa
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>> and looking out at the snow.

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