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I've read that Sunflower is self-fertile.  It also looks like there is 
some consensus among people on the list that it's a good variety.  
Apparently pawpaws cannot tolerate direct sun in their first year.  Here 
in NM at 5 to 7 thousand feet, I have encased them in multiple layers of 
shade cloth so that they are nearly in the dark and am leaving them that 
way for several years, since I've had experience with a number of plants 
having their leaves burnt, possibly by the high ultraviolet.

I have heard that when they are mature, they prefer full sun in order to 
produce the best.



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Melissa Kacalanos wrote:
> I'm considering planting an American persimmon tree. I don't have a lot of room, so I probably have room for only one of these big trees. Is it true that 'Yates' sets fruit without pollination, and they're seedless? It sounds too good to be true, so I'm checking with y'all. Are these seedless fruit as numerous, big and tasty as seedy pollinated ones would be?
> Oh, and someone asked about blue persimmons a little while ago. I notice that they're for sale here:
> http://www.nolinnursery.com/Persimon.htm
> although I've heard that they don't taste as good as the orange ones. They do look interesting, though. Here's a picture, plus info:
> http://www.simmonfruit.net/persimmon_improvement.html
> But now a persimmon growing question: The only place in my yard big enough for a big tree like that is just to the west of a huge sugar maple. Anything I plant there would get sun only after noon, unless it somehow grows really tall really fast and shades the maple. Would a persimmon do OK with competition like that?
> Melissa
> zone 5 central NY
> Eating frozen strawberries, and looking at the snow.
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>> Date: Saturday, January 9, 2010, 9:09 AM
>> I've grown American persimmon
>> cultivars here in Zone 5 in the Hudson Valley for about 20
>> years and almost always harvest nice crops. I recommend
>> Szukis as the best for flavor and hardiness, and just about
>> as good are Mohler, Dooley, and Yates. Meader never tastes
>> that good to me, Pieper never ripened, and Prok just barely
>> ripens but remains somewhat astringent and bland.
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>> On Jan 8, 2010, at 3:15 PM, Melissa Kacalanos
>> wrote:
>> I probably just need someone to talk me out
>> of this, but y'all got me thinking about persimmons
>> again. Is it possible to grow them in zone 5a, upstate NY? I
>> know the American species is hardy to this zone, but do the
>> fruit have enough heat and time to mature here? How about
>> this Rosseyanka hybrid?
>> I saw a kaki tree in Switzerland in December that looked
>> ridiculous, it had so many gaudy orange fruit on it. It made
>> me think that a persimmon might be worth planting just as an
>> ornamental.
>> Melissa
>> Enjoying the smell of candying citrus peel on the stove,
>> and looking out at the snow.
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