[NAFEX] apple rootstock suggestion wanted

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 12:56:31 EST 2010

HI all,

I am going to be helping students graft apple trees, and would like
suggestions as to which rootstocks might work best.  We're zone 6a.

The ideal  rootstock would be amateur-friendly with a high % of takes, it
must be fireblight resistance, resistance to crown rot would be nice, and it
needs to be able handle some heavier soils.

Pluses would be size in the 30-40% range, and resistance to scab.


What are your thoughts about G11?  Are there others I might consider?  G16
and 30 sound interesting except for the virus sensitivity.



Michele Stanton, M.S.

Instructor of Horticulture

The University of Cincinnati

College of Engineering & Applied Science

Cincinnati, OH  45221


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