[NAFEX] Ornamental trees

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Wed Feb 3 11:05:47 EST 2010

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the idea.  Community food shed
groups are starting gleaning projects in quite a few cities.  We have
one going in Viroqua, about 20 miles from where I live & there are
several large scale projects that actually map where productive trees



On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 10:01 AM, Jim Fruth <jimfruth at charter.net> wrote:
> mIEKAL wrote, "(If it was up to me I'd be planting edibles everywhere &
> encourage people to pick & use them.)"
>    The city fathers of Los Banos, California, thought that too when they
> planted Carob Trees along the streets.  If any of the pods are used, it
> can't be very many of them because there comes a huge mess of pods at
> ripening time that the city has to clean up.
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