[NAFEX] Vein chlorosis in paw paw seedling

Alexander Brands abb7 at Lehigh.EDU
Mon Aug 2 21:39:44 EDT 2010


Has anyone seen vein chlorosis in paw paw seedlings?  I started  
several paw paw seeds this spring, and one of them has very obvious  
yellowing of the veins in the older leaves:


There are also some little brown spots along the yellowing veins:


This seedling was grown from a seed of a Susquehanna paw paw.

Chlorotic leaves with green veins seems to be a common pattern, but I  
can't find any info on the web about this pattern of chlorosis being  
associated with a nutrient deficiency.  I've found examples this  
symptom associated with a viral infection in other plants, but it  
seems unlikely that a first year seedling growing inside my house  
would have a viral infection.

I'm guessing its some sort of genetic bad luck, but was wondering if  
anyone else has seen this kind of thing.


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