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Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Sat Apr 24 16:46:11 EDT 2010

I (unfortunately) have vast experience with these little bastards.


Also, I have dogs to worry about regarding poison blocks (Warfarin). The blocks work really well if given the chance. I built some Bait Stations out of 12" x 24" plywood, held up off the ground on 2" x 2" wooden rails. Painted this school-bus yellow so I don't mow them, put a rock on top so it wouldn't blow over. The bait blocks go underneath. Place this near the closest vole habitat. I found a bunch of dead ones out in full view a couple weeks after this. Voles NEVER come out in full view.


     As for the berry bushes... I have 1000. Tried wrapping them all with 1/4" hardware cloth. Boy did that suck. The last 2 winters I haven't protected them at all, and they are fine. This is achieved by mowing the sod rows really short, and removal of anything that voles can hide under, for at least 10 feet around your bushes.


    One last method: Mow a continually shrinking circle around the suspected vole-infested area. Using a shotgun with 8 shot, blast them when they run out. They have nowhere to hide, as you just mowed it all. A .410 will do fine. Steel shot.


Pine Bark Mulch is an INVITATION for voles to move in. If you must use it, rake it back away from the crops in late fall.



R A Murphy Jr

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