[NAFEX] Non-fruiting callery pears? NOT!

Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Apr 22 16:43:30 EDT 2010

P.calleryana makes a good fireblight-resistant standard understock for
fruiting pears, but it would take a continued Herculean effort to graft all
the millions of escapees over to something productive.

There was a HUGE non-fruiting pear, which in retrospect, I suspect, was a
seedling callery(perhaps the rootstock of a failed graft on a fruiting
variety?) - in the side yard at the first home my wife and I owned, down in
southern middle TN.  A veritable timber tree - at least 50 ft tall, with a
rough, black-barked bole I couldn't reach all the way around.
Right-angle/horizontal branch angles.  I remember the fabulous spring bloom,
though I don't recall the smell(we were rarely home), and tremendous fall
color.  Probably some enterprising nurseryman should have been propagating
that sucker.  
No other pears - even fruiting selections - within a mile or more, so no
fruit that I can ever recall seeing.
It was almost sweetgum-like in the honking big surface roots it threw up to
do battle with the lawnmower, and was surrounded, when we moved there, by a
veritable forest of 10-12 ft tall root suckers for 20 or 30 ft out from the


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Very interesting little article. I just got back from DC, and I wondered
what all those wild flowering trees by the side of the road were.

I don't understand why those callery pears are so popular. Yes, they're
pretty, but the flowers stink.


> Read 'The Coming Plague of Pears":
> http://ipmnet.umd.edu/5-8art1.htm
> Lucky Pittman
> Hopkinsville, KY

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