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Thanks for sharing the information with everyone.  I use a natural solution with vinegar.  Do you happen to know if lime sulfur is used by itself as an application or mixed with other ingredients? I have also sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth by itself and it worked very well.
Also, can you tell me if they plan to sell this new product online?
Thanks Again.

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This comes from Paul Otten of the Northland Berry News' website; 
http://www.berrynews.com/ :
    You've read about various attempts  that have been made to use vinegar 
(acetic acid), lime sulfur, and other natural products to control or reduce 
weeds. In the last issue of Northland Berry News we announced the listing of 
the first OMRI organic herbicide, developed right here in our neighborhood, 
Eagan, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb.

    I recently took the opportunity to visit with the father & son team who 
make up SummerSet Products leadership: Paul and Bruce Marrs. Both have been 
involved in environmentally friendly endeavors for years, so Alldown 
herbicide is almost a natural outgrowth of their earlier work, though they 
freely credit other researchers with assisting them in refining the product. 
Of all the cultural problems organic growers face, especially in the 
transition and early years, weed management is certainly one of them. 
AllDown will likely prove to be a valuable tool that organic and other 
growers will likely add to their weed management toolbox.

    Herbicides are normally toxic to  humans, the environment and plants. 
Alldown is quite different in that it burns back the affected plants or 
kills them outright, but does so by a more benign mode: it strips the 
protective substances from the leaves and green stems, thus desiccating the 
plant. The natural ingredients in the product are not per se toxic. Any 
acid, however, no matter its concentration, needs to be used with caution, 
kept out of the eyes and other body parts.

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