[NAFEX] Grape pruning problem

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Tue Apr 13 23:05:19 EDT 2010

> If you can't bear to cut the whole thing off and wait for it to sucker, as Lon describes, take one of those great long canes out at the ends of the arms; bend it down and bury part of it in the ground right next to the old trunk,...

Thanks for the replies - both of you!

You're right, I can't bear to cut the whole thing off, though I'll keep 
that in mind. And although this would work, too, it's pretty much 
starting over with a new grapevine (although I'd get the use of the 
current one in the meantime).

For now, I'm pruning it more than usual and will see what happens. I've 
got a very few buds near the center of the vine (though after a bit of 
looping), and I'll see if I can't develop something that will work. I 
imagine that I've been leaving too many buds (I know I did last year, 
when I was deliberately experimenting with that), so I'll try to prune 
all my vines more heavily.

That's not easy for me to do, though - even though I've got more than 
enough fruit of all kinds (I give most of it away).

Thanks again,

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)


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