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Mon Apr 12 14:28:31 EDT 2010

I have always found red currents a bit insipid in pies, but no doubt tastes
vary. To me they are wonderful eaten fresh, with peaches for instance, and
as an ingredient in summer puidding.

Black currants pie, on their own or with apple or some such, is very
much to my taste! Not to mention blackcurrant jam and cassis. Which reminds
me, I must plant some more black currants.

VT Zone 4a.

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> Anyone have good recipes for red currant pie or pastry?  Are white
> currants suitable for pastry?  I see recipes on the internet for
> black currant pies.  I am wondering if black currants have too strong
> of a flavor for pies?  Currants and gooseberries grow well here in
> zone 2.  Cold doesn't bother them.
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> Hi Ernest; My wife made this pie from Red lake currants it was really good.
> http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Red-Currant-Pie/Detail.aspx
> Cheers
> Kim

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