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Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Mon Apr 12 08:51:09 EDT 2010

I was reading about the need to be a "plant breeder" for certain 
germplasm facilities and was wondering if being listed in such a 
directory as is being discussed on the PBForum (Plant Breeders Forum) 
would help.

TIOLI (take it or leave it)
Barbara Rosholdt

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Subject: 	Requested feedback on a Plant Breeder Directory
Date: 	Thu, 08 Apr 2010 11:31:10 +0200

Re: A Plant Breeder Directory

In view of the interest expressed during previous forum discussions,
GIPB is studying best options for setting up a Plant Breeder Directory.
*We would like to get some further feedback* in order to move forward
with this.

A web-based directory will offer a number of advantages and benefits to
plant breeders and to the profession as a whole:

1.      Allow plant breeders and scientists in related fields to
communicate more actively and in a more targeted manner -- for example,
to contact specialists and resource persons for the purpose of offering
or requesting collaboration or information;

2.      Allow FAO and other qualified organizations the ability to
communicate more precisely targeted information to plant breeders and
related professionals;

3.      Allow training institutes, R&D organizations, policy-makers and
others to access and assess a profile of the plant breeding profession.

4.      Allow profile updating by individuals, rather than a centrally
managed database.

**/Please note that all the necessary privacy issues will be addressed
in the development of the directory/**

*A directory will only be useful if there is broad participation. In
order to achieve that, we want your inputs on the best system.*

* *
There are several, relatively small, existing plant breeding groups on
social networks (e.g LinkedIn, Facebook, Nature). Currently none are
very active. Any of these might be able to serve as a site to develop a
directory if organized appropriately. However, *we do not think these
existing social networking sites allow all the options that plant
breeders would like to have in a directory*.

*Therefore our proposal is to develop a directory housed within the GIPB
website*, building on the existing information of those who have already
registered there. Housing the directory with GIPB will allow more
*flexibility of structure and content*, as well as *flexibility for the
queries* that can be made to the database. We want something that will
be of optimal use as a resource to make contacts and for understanding
the profile of the profession across crops, regions and other criteria.

The GIPB team

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