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Everyone has different tastes, but I like 'Marquis.' When fully ripe, it has a very strong, simple, artificially-flavored grape candy sort of taste. Underripe, though, it tastes like 'Thompson Seedless.'
For a more sophisticated grape, I like 'Jupiter', which has a bit of a muscat flavor.

I also like 'Reliance' and 'Canadice.' I've liked one more than the other at times, but I think a lot depends on how they're grown.

The above evaluations are all based on grapes grown near me. Also, I'm sure there are a lot of other great grapes out there that I haven't tried yet.

zone 5, central NY

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Hi All, 

I am looking for a few seedless, relatively
disease-resistant (black rot, botrytis, downy mildew, the usual suspects) table
grapes hardy to zone 5/6.  They’ll be for fresh eating and juice. 

Although there are quite a few cultivars out there, I haven’t
tasted them. 


Opinions, please: which cultivars do you think taste best? 


Michele in SW Ohio 


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