[NAFEX] Apricots from Afghanistan

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Sun Apr 11 08:22:40 EDT 2010

> Great point Scott: is there any way we can tell if the plant has  
> Plum Pox while it is still growing inside the house/quarantined  
> before planting it outside where it could infect local stone fruits?
> Sarah
> zone 3
> Edmonton, AB

Sarah, if you search the web you will find many pictures of the leaf  
damage, if it is as obvious as the samples they show in the pictures  
it seems pretty easy to detect.  It is also good to look at the map of  
the world to see where it is present:


I have grown out a few prunus seeds from overseas but only from the  
non-red countries.  Afghanistan is not red but the government is so  
fractured there it may be just a lack of information; Iran next door  
is red.  Overall I feel its best to be very conservative on this  
disease, it has overrun Chile and it could do the same in the US.


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