[NAFEX] Complete coverage of scion with Parafilm

Justin West cjustinwest at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 21:09:46 EDT 2010

 When I bench graft I tend to use either a whip and tongue or use grafting
pliers.  I then wrap the union with one inch parafilm starting from the
bottom up, then dip the rest of the scion in grafting wax to seal it
completely.  buds break through that just fine, it cannot dry out, and it
saves cost vs using parafilm on the whole scion.  I learned this method from
Martin Crawford of the Agroforestry Research Trust in Devon UK and have been
using it successfully for years.  He, incidentally, has a book coming out
this week on Edible Forest Gardening.  I can recommend it to anyone
implementing high diversity small scale food production around their home.
Justin West
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