[NAFEX] Grafting & parafilm

Clifford Cain - uk yahoo cc_syorks at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 8 16:36:11 EDT 2010

Sorry for mixing subjects but they are interlinked...

My experience of grafting apples has been that the sap does need to be 
active in the rootstock and the scion must be dormant.  If the scion 
wood is active, its energy goes into making leaf rather than healing the 
graft union.

When I graft I tape (either with grafting tape - polypropylene  tape or 
parafilm  / buddy tape ) and cover the whole of the tape and scion 
(typically 3 buds) with grafting wax.  I do this on the basis that it 
stops the scion from dehydrating whilst the graft union is healing.
The texts also say you should not graft in November, I did 50 MM106 
rootstocks, still in the green, with Charles Ross. 42 took.  A poorer 
success rate than my usual 98% but it works.

My closing remark is one I seem to use a lot these days - the plants 
have not read the books, they do things they are not supposed too and 
mis-behave on timings terribly.  I suspect that is our human trait 
trying to run to a calender rather than being governed by the weather & 


Clifford Cain
Doncaster, UK

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