[NAFEX] When to plant evergreen and black huckleberry

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Mon Apr 5 20:27:34 EDT 2010

I just got an order of plants from Burnt Ridge Nursery, on the west coast.  It included some evergreen huckleberry and black huckleberry plants.  They are not dormant.  (I guess evergreen huckleberry never goes dormant, being evergreen and all that.)  They are in small (1 gal) pots.

My question is when when would be best to plant them.  Should it plant them now when the ground is as reliably wet as it ever gets?  Should I leave them in pots until after the last frost (and bring them inside if it threatens to freeze)?  Something in between?

It's hard to imagine it freezing again this season, since it's in the high 70s and everything is blooming, but the calendar says we should have more frost.

eastern MA, zone 6

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