[NAFEX] 'Illinois Everbearing' mulberry

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Sun Apr 4 18:00:58 EDT 2010

Easy solution.  Put a fence up when you plant tree.  Don't turn you

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>Our chicken-wire fences work fine, once we put them up, and they
>worked on our other trees. But these deer literally will eat a
>newly-planted tree if you turn your back for the time it takes to go
>get a piece of fencing.  
>The only question is, should we buy a whole new grafted tree, or try
>to graft something on to the rootstock we have?
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>> Subject: Re: [NAFEX] 'Illinois Everbearing' mulberry
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>> Put an electric fence around it.
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>> Subject: RE: [NAFEX] 'Illinois Everbearing' mulberry
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>> >We bought an 'Illinois Everbearing' mulberry from
>> Raintree last year,
>> >and a deer promptly ate much of it the moment we
>> planted it, before
>> >we had time to protect it. It then sent out a lot of
>> sprouts in a
>> >bushy sort of way. I think it's grafted, rather than on
>> its own
>> >roots. I can't really tell, but I suspect that the only
>> live part
>> >that's left is sprouting from the rootstock.
>> >
>> >We could just remove the whole thing and buy another
>> grafted tree, or
>> >I could take this as an invitation to experiment,
>> obtain some
>> >scionwood, and try to graft it myself. Any opinions,
>> advice, or
>> >offers of scionwood?
>> >
>> >Melissa
>> >Zone 5, central NY
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