[NAFEX] backpackk sprayers

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
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I feel differently about my Solo backpack sprayer.  I used a hand held sprayer for years, until it rusted out, and then discovered that the local Fleet Farm had the Solo sprayers at a great price (sadly, they only had them for one season).  I like the Solo a lot.  It is easy to pump up, while walking around, and I don't spill when I fill it so I don't worry about getting wet from the sprayer on my back.  It's one of those tools that I wish I had gotten decades ago.
Jim, in Menomonie WI


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Hi Jerry,
I have about the same number of trees.  I use a Solo 3-gallon backpack sprayer.  Solo was recently bought out by another company whose name escapes me but Solo is still on the box.  I got mine from a wholesale nursery supply company.  I saw it at The Home Depot recently.  It is fairly heavy--I'm a big guy.  It's kind of a pain to hoist the thing onto your back.  My biggest problem is that you always have to suit up--the pack always gets wet from filling it--if you get a little poison dust on the pack you have to spray it off.  If you overflow or splatter a bit when filling you have to spray it off and again you're dripping wet.  I now generally use a three gallon hand sprayer that allows me to just use gloves--a lot of my sprays are non- or not very toxic and it's just more comfortable to use.  If your land is rough the backpack sprayer might be the way to go.  If not, get a large cannister type and buy a long extension for the nozzle--I hav e a 4 foot brass one that lets me aim the spray well.  Then carry the thing in your hand, set it down when you can, and spray away.
Steve H.

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	Does anybody have any recommendations for backpack sprayers for fruit trees? How durable are they?  How usable?  I have about 25 trees.  Jerry in southern Indiana



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