[NAFEX] Bill's pluot evaluations

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 30 23:47:12 EDT 2009

"To be honest, I think that part of my enjoyment of Flavor Supreme was
because of their ripening date, which came before I was swamped with
other fruit. By the time I got fruit from the other two varieties, I'd
been eating so much fruit that likely
nothing would have wowed me. To some extent, that might be why my Flavor
Grenade pluots were popular when I gave them away, but not so much with me.

Yeah, I've given away what I thought were my most boring tomatoes, only to 
receive to rave reviews.  The second time in my life to plant a garden, I 
planted way too much lettuce, so I took some to my mom.  We decided to wash 
the whole lot, so every time I'd find a leaf that looked a little beat up 
I'd drop it in the compost bucket.  My mom suddenly asked what I was doing, 
so I told her.  She pulled them out of the bucket, saying, "Do you know what 
I pay for lettuce that looks worse than this?"   We gardeners get really 
spoiled sometimes.     Donna

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