[NAFEX] European Pear Flavor and Rootstocks

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 30 23:37:28 EDT 2009

Tukey's book on pears said that the partial incompatibility seemed to produce far better flavor in many varieties.  I think quince is well suited for my soil, but have talked now to 2 people who say quince is worthless for them.  One is up in Oregon on excessively well drained granite based soil.  He said quince just won't grow for him, and that other rootstocks didn't grow much either and cropped like crazy.  I now have access to 3 quinces that seem very happy in clay soil, though I suppose they may not be too happy about the climate.  Plenty of blight in the tops lately, looking out my friend's window.  I'm thinking that it might be wisest if I put Maxine as interstem on all my quinces so if my desired scion gets blight really bad, the Maxine will stop if from eating the whole tree.  Donna   
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